Beta Konfeksiyon is the ready to wear and exportation department of our group manufacturing for exportation since 1985. Our firm which has carried on the production in Izmir for 34 years has an experienced and qualified staff, a mature exportation culture and quality production concept. Since the day it was established, Beta Konfeksiyon has carried on its production resting on its 4 main production units. As of today , Beta which has 350.000 pcs /per month capacity with 200 staff , 2 production lines and subcontractors , manufacture ready made garments with knitted fabrics in its new 7000 m2 building placed in Begos section 3. In 2018, the ready to wear production unit exported in the value of 16 million dollars with its 2.250.000 production. Our target for the year of 2019 is 20 million dollars and 3.000.000 pieces of production.

The department of piece dyeing and washing has carried on the production with its 60 experienced personnel since 1987 and provided service for our garment department and the industry with its 6 million dollar production in 2018. This department has the daily capacity of 15 tons piece dyeing and washing.

With its 3 carousel screen printing machines (12 of them are colorful), injection machine, silicone printing machine, high frequency machine, hot fix machine; the piece printing department has all kinds of capabilities necessary for printing and has provided service to the garment unit and industry with 10.000 pieces of minimum daily production.

The embroidery department has provided service with its experienced staff and 8 latest model embroidery machines (4 sequin embroidery machines) since 1987.

Our technological systems provide us to give service our customers in every matters and our garment department to manufacture very quickly and quality.

Our garment production mainly consists of t-shirt, sweatshirt and trousers products from knit fabric and tunic, dresses and etc. from the printed and self colored knit fabrics.

Currently we export particularly to Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain and the other European Countries and USA.
Additionally we have production facility in Albania.

General Manager
Remzi Peköz