We believe that the future of our company will be identified by the customer satisfaction formed by the efficient production, competitive prices, consistency of quality and timely delivery. Contributing to the national economy as an innovative, enterprising, competitive and quality generator firm is our main principle. This will be possible by correctly understanding the current and future necessities of our customers, making timely deliveries with the scientific production planning and establishing long term and permanent relationships with them.

We, as the individuals of the organization convened to be an improving and competitive firm, will struggle to be the business that sustains its economical existence in long period in line with the principle of “Quality is the philosophy of customer-oriented working.”

Our employees are precious for us and long period human capitals. Thus improving the quality with qualified personnel and the importance to be given to the training and supporting the employees for their participation to work and their individual development are duties all of us.

For “Our Quality System” having characteristics in accordance with our business structure our every employee should consider the link that comes after them with consumer awareness and fulfill their responsibilities to form a whole by improving their operations.

We believe that our suppliers are parts of our quality system for continuous development. We will fulfill our guidance duty by establishing long-term and honest relations with them in order that they improve their quality continuously. We will struggle to raise continuously our profitability ratios by marketing our products to more customers with efficiency, less rate of wastage and competitive costs.

We, as the firm, will fulfill precisely our responsibilities about environmentalism with the participation of all our employees.

In the direction of common benefits, we consider the purchasers that we sold our products as partners of our firm and care about the relations based on respect, love and amity. We believe that the future will be built with amity and trust and will be permanent.

General Manager
Remzi Peköz