In Beta Konfeksiyon Tekstil İhr. İth. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., our goal is to provide our customers with increasingly higher quality products and services. We support this process by making the necessary investments to turn our Quality, Social Responsibility and Environmental principles into the service standard, and closely following both national and international regulations to protect the rights of our employees.

Through its sense of quality and vision, Beta Konfeksiyon Tekstil İhr. İth. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. aims to provide the highest quality and performing service to its customer with the most affordable prices.

As an environmentally and socially conscious company, it is vital for us to take the necessary precautions to minimize our negative impact on the environment due to any of our activities.

Our executive team believes that our goals can only be achieved through the adoption and strict practice of our 'Quality, Social Responsibility and Environmental' policies by the management and employees alike.

Our company accepts and undertakes to ensure all rights of our employees arising from the laws and relevant standards when providing its services through our Social Compliance Standards. Also thanks to the quality management systems & social compliance department we have in place, our company adapts to the working principles of our customers, as well as complying with national and international standards and ILO laws and regulations.

Introduction of the said policy and ensuring its sustainability will be made possible through the principles listed below:

Management system, transparency and traceability

Our company puts new policies, procedures and directives into effect and expects full compliance with the system to ensure cooperation with its sub-manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in a transparent atmosphere. By means of these policies, it has developed a system that prevents corruption and bribery in all its business activities.

No Child Labor

Our company abides by the minimum age provisions of applicable national and international laws and regulations. Use of child labor is strictly prohibited both within our company and all the sub-manufacturers, suppliers and service providers we collaborate with. We maintain an uncompromising stance against child exploitation.
Special Protection for Young Workers

Our company ensures that young employees only work at daytime and are safeguarded against conditions that are harmful for their health, safety, moral valuesand development.  We prioritize ensuring young workers access to Occupational
Health and Safety training systems and programs, and have put the necessary mechanisms in place to identify, reduce and prevent any and all harm to come to young workers.

No Precarious Employment

Our company's employment relations prevent insecurity and social or economic hardships for its employees.  The employees undergoes an orientation training that informs them about working conditions including employee rights, responsibilities, working hours, wages and terms of payment. All rights arising from labor contract are protected by mutual signatures of both parties.

No Bonded Labor

Our company does not resort to any systems such as servitude, forced, bonded, indentured labor, permanent apprenticeship, or illegal or non-voluntary employment. The employees are entitled to freely quit their job and terminate their labor contract on the condition that the employer is notified within a reasonable time. Our company has developed procedures to ensure that its employees are not subject to inhumane working conditions, degrading treatment, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, and/or verbal abuse.

Forced Labor

Our company forbids all forms of forced labor. All our employees are entitled to the same rights in their decision to work overtime, and no employee may be forced to do so.  Intimidation and forced labor is strictly prohibited.

No Discrimination

Our company is very sensitive about equality of opportunity and enjoying equal rights. No form of discrimination is practiced on the basis of religion, language, ethnicity, gender, skin color, nationality or social origin, age and disabilities in any stage of recruitment and placement, wage, promotion and retirement. Our company does not tolerate any circumstances that may lead to such discrimination.

Decent Working Hours

Our company’s ordinary working time is 45 hours per week as set forth by law. Ordinary working time for young workers is 40 hours per week as set forth by law. Our employees have 24 hours of uninterrupted weekly rest.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our company provides a healthy, safe and hygienic work environment to its employees. All our machinery and equipment undergo periodic checks and maintenance. Our employees are provided with personal protective gear and free in-
company health services. Work environment’s compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is monitored through an occupational safety specialist. There are ongoing efforts to minimize the risks in our production area. All personnel undergo occupational health and safety training.

Right to Petition

We make a point of hearing and dealing with any complaints from all our employees. Our company follows an open-door policy. Employees are free to file any complaints and suggestions they have through Suggestion Boxes and Labor Representatives.

Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

Our company undertakes to respect its employees' right to association, collective bargaining, and join unions. We guarantee without discrimination all our employees’ rights to form and join trade unions and collective bargaining. Employees are not subject to any negative treatment for exercising such rights. Labor representatives can freely perform their representation duties in the workplace.

Disciplinary Measures

All our employees must treat each other with professional respect. Corporal punishment, unlawful disciplinary actions, and any form of mental or physical coercion are not tolerated. If necessary, disciplinary actions are carried out in line with the applicable national and international laws.

Fair Remuneration

Our employees are paid at least the minimum wage or higher as set forth by the laws of the Turkish Republic. No illegal and unfair deductions can be made from wages. Workers regularly receive remuneration for any overtime hours in line with applicable wage laws relating overtime hours. Wages are paid fully and regularly in the national currency in a timely manner.

Protection of the Environment

Compliance is ensured with all the applicable laws and regulations regarding the environment. All of our above-mentioned principles also apply to our sub-manufacturers and suppliers, and their compliance is periodically monitored as part of the management system.

Ethical Business Behavior

Our company will not in any way engage in corruption, fraud or embezzlement, or any form of bribery including but not limited to promising, offering, granting or receiving any form of incentives, material or otherwise. Full compliance is ensured with the laws and regulations on confidentiality and information security in collection, use and processing of data.

Supplier and Sub-Manufacturer Supervision

Our company takes a co-operative approach that involves our business partners, and takes all reasonable and appropriate measures within its sphere of influence that is necessary to implement the Customer and Company Code of Conduct. Our company will strive to further detail the root causes of any adverse impact in human rights. In that regard, it acts with due diligence and develop the necessary management systems, policies and processes to a reasonable extent as well as effectively prevent and address any adverse human rights impacts that may be detected in the supply chain.