As Beta Konfeksiyon, 90% of our production is ladies’, 5% men’s and 5% is children’s dress materials. We product garment with mainly knit fabric and then fabric and woven fabric. Our production staff which is formed by the uniting of experience and knowledge arising from the men and women garment production going back many years and the dynamism of our young staff fulfill the requests of our customers properly and on time. We manufacture quickly products and samples in accord with the necessities of our customers.

Our design staff presents the latest trends and new collections to our customers periodically. Beta Konfeksiyon presents 400 new designs to its customers every month. 80% of our production is composed of the models selected among the products of our collection products. We present samples to our customers in a short time as one day.

Preliminary preparation and sample sewing are prototypes of our production. Collection, phtograph samples, contrast samples and size set samples are quickly and properly manufactured. We provide service to our customers with our 15-person staff in our model pattern sewing and sample sewing lines.

Our fabrics rested for optimum period and tested completely are cut with our cad-cam system after proper pastal positioning by our expert staff.

Regardless of order size and texture of the model, always manufacturing value-added and though models in the same quality and standards is a tradition for Beta Konfeksiyon. We deliver all of our orders to our customers in a period of maximum 5 weeks.

We present our products both in hanger and parcels by checking them according to AQL 2.5 Standards.

Because of our customers’ satisfaction and our high-quality production manner, in all production stages our quality assurance department maintains the checking operations from the moment that the first order received until the products are delivered.

Our objective is to carry out 100% of our deliveries on time. Our average lead time is 4-5 weeks. Our production capability in short period ensures that our customers’ cost decrease and they follow the rapid changes in the market.