Since the day it was established, Beta Konfeksiyon has continued its existence with its employees who adopts the principle of honesty and are ambitious, self-disciplined and creative. Doing the right thing is the secret of the quality of Beta Konfeksiyon.


To satisfy the expectations of our precious customers;

To deliver the orders just in time,
To manufacture orders in the desired quality and quantity,
With its technology, credibility and success; being a firm which is role model for its competitors and source of pride for its customers and employees.


Being a firm targeting perfection in all stages from production to human resources or from print to embroidery, considering primary the customer satisfaction, giving importance to environmental and human health and being a firm preferred both in Turkey and all over the world by progressing in the same way is the primary aims of Beta Konfeksiyon.


Clarity and transparency are our main principles.
Friendly connection and being customer-oriented.
Team spirit and being devoted.
Being a modern firm which is adaptable to changing technology.
Being a firm making deliveries on time, quick and providing information exchange with a team work.

The primary value of Beta Konfeksiyon is human and that underlies the success of Beta.