About Us

Having started its business operations in the apparel sector in 1985, we, at Beta Konfeksiyon, have been weaving our dreams knot by knot on our modern weaving looms, coming things though that go beyond the ordinary on our weaving looms, and reflecting the colors in you onto fabrics, and unmatched designs by use of our advanced color washers since the day we were established.

We draw out strength from the fact that we always take your expectations, and your needs into account, and use our superior technology to offer you the best quality products, and transport our products to you in the fastest possible way wherever you are based in around the world and produce them in the most cost-efficient way.

We are developing innovative products, the designs of which belong to Beta Konfeksiyon, in our factory, which is located in a closed area of 7.000 m2. Everday, we are closely following today’s design approach with our modern and contemporary collections. Our products created with this understanding are easily delivered to wholesalers and retailers all over Turkey. We export to European countries and the United States, especially Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain in the world. Our production organization located in Albania makes us stronger abroad.

Our experienced and dynamic staff of 250 people responds to orders with a production capacity of 350 thousand units on a monthly basis with our always updated technological infrastructure, while our ready-to-wear unit reaches 2 million 250 thousand production units per year and works non-stop to meet the growing demand every day.

We act with an environmentally friendly approach that adopts the philosophy of sustainability at every stage of production, maintains ecological balance. Memberships, certifications and standardizations that we have such as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (the SAC), the recycled Claim Standard (RCS 100), The Organic Content Standard (OCS 100), amfori BSCI, Sedex, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® represent the sensitivity and care we show towards the environment.

Today, we continue to achieve great goals by continuing the success and trust we have gained in Turkey and around the world with the inspiration we have received from our founding philosophy, and we continue to work with the love of design and production to weave your dreams know by knot.