As Beta Konfeksiyon , we have been producing knitted and woven fabric garments since 1985, mainly knitted fabric. 90% of our production consists of women’s clothing, 5% of men’s clothing and 5% of children’s clothing. We are involved in every stage of production, from design to embroidery, from painting to printing, we serve with great care to make a fabric the way you imagine it.

Our embroidery department, which has been operating since 1987, meets the production needs of our company with state-of-the-art embroidery machines with 18 heads up to 12 colors, as well as serving other garment manufacturers in our region. 4 pieces of embroidery machines that we integrated into our system in 2019 make a great contribution to both our internal production and other garment manufacturers with their high technologies.

Beta Konfeksiyon Dye-House we built in 1987 to meet our own need to dye legs and where we transitioned to contract manufacturing as from 1990 is able to perform all kinds of washing and dyeing processes required by the understanding of contemporary design with the vertical and horizontal washers in accordance with high quality standards and undertake up to 15 tons of dyeing using many dyeing techniques such as batik dyeing and cool pigment.

Operating for more than 30 years, our printing department meets both our domestic and foreign production needs with a daily capacity of 15 pieces in 3 pieces of octopus printing machines with inter-drying up to 12 ranges and 2 horizontal fixing machines.


Our design team periodically provides our customers with the latest fashion trends, new collection works. Beta Konfeksiyon presents 400 new designs to its customers every month. About 80% of our production consists of models selected from our own collection products. We offer samples to our customers in a fairly short time, such as a day.


Preliminary preparation and sewing of samples is a small prototype of the production. Collection, photo, contrast and size set samples are produced very quickly and completely. We serve our customers with our team of 15 people in our model patterns and sample sewing tapes.


Our fabrics, which have been rested in the optimum time for production and all tests have been completed, are cut after an error-free cloth placement with our cad-cam system and our expert staff.


Regardless of the size of the order and the structure of the model, it has become a tradition for Beta Konfeksiyon to always produce high value-added and difficult models of the same quality and standards, regardless of the size. We deliver all our orders to our customers in the best quality way within a maximum period of 5 weeks.


We check our products according to AQL 2.5 standards and perform both hanger and parcel loading.


Due to the satisfaction of our customers and our high-quality production understanding, our quality assurance department continues to control all production processes from the moment the first order is received until our products are delivered.


Our goal is to make 100% of all our deliveries on time. Our average lead-time of product delivery to our customers is 4-5 weeks. Our short-term production capability ensures that our customers’ costs are reduced and that they can follow the rapid changes in the market.