Our Quality Policy

We believe that the future of our company will be determined by efficient production, competitive prices, continuity in quality and customer satisfaction due to timely delivery. Our basic principle is to contribute to the national economy as a company that is always innovative, entrepreneur, competitive and produces quality. This will be possible by correctly understanding the current and future needs of our customers, timely delivery of our products to our customers with scientific production planning, and establishing long-term, permanent relationships with them.

As individuals of an organization that has come together to be a company that constantly develops and is able to compete in the market in line with the principle “Quality is the philosophy of customer-oriented work.”, we will strive for being an enterprise that maintains its economic life in long-term.

Our employees are valuable and long-term human resources for us. Therefore, it is our duty to constantly improve the quality, to always support employees for their participation in work and personal development, with an emphasis on qualified personnel and training. For our “Quality System”, which has characteristics suitable for our business structure, every employee should consider the link that follows them with consumer awareness and fulfill their responsibilities in creating a whole by developing the work they do.

We believe that our suppliers are a part of our quality system for continuous development. By establishing long-term, honest relationships with them, we will fulfill our mission of guiding to constantly improve their quality. With efficiency and less waste rates, we will make effort to constantly increase our profitability rates by marketing our products to more customers at competitive costs.

As a company, we will fully fulfill our duties regarding environmentalism with the participation of all employees.

We consider the buyers we sell our products with the awareness that they are partners of our company and attach importance to relationships based on respect, sympathy and mutual friendship in line with common interests. We believe that the future will be established and will be permanent with friendship and trust.

General Manager
Remzi Peköz